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I set this page up after being ripped off by Gold Car in Italy in July 2013 – We get thousands of hits a year so please review gold car here and hopefully people will be warned off in the future. A huge amounts of complaints about this company exist all over the internet. A few common themes of how they rip people off.

  • taking a deposit in £GDP (after apparently being offered a choice) then having the deposit returned in € EUR this of course leads to a huge difference of £100′s that never get returned.
  • Fuel – Full to empty – how do you leave a car empty of fuel?
  • Fuel that is put into the car is hugely over priced – we’ve heard reports of a Fiat 500 costing €120 to fill the tank

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Gold car ask you to fill out this form – its basically like banging your head against the wall only less fruitful.

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contact gold car complaints – we can’t do anything and we aren’t connected with gold car, so I don’t know why you would contact us – but here’s the option.

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