Returned money

Hi on receiving the car they took £1110 out of my bank account for fuel,and the non insurance fee of 1100e @ A exchange rate of over 1.19e ,and a bank fee of best part of 30e .On return of car ,there was a 1/4 tank of fuel ,which they were in refund with the insurance fee,I have a video … Read More

Tony BrownReturned money

Ripped off

A 40€ hire ended up costing me near on £200!! How are they continually being able to get away with this?

TroyRipped off

“Crazy Smart Rate” hoax

I made a “low cost” reservation but just noticed it’s marked “Crazy Smart Rate” policy which is indeed incredible. The final price would also be crazy. As usual their portuguese phone number don’t answer. I’l try to cancel to be sure they don’t charge me additional money.

Bernardo“Crazy Smart Rate” hoax

Dinamic currancy conversion scam

I hired from Goldcar Faro for 3 days, they took over 1200 euros off me as a deposit which I was told would be returned to me in full when the car was returned with no damage, which it was. What they didn’t tell me was that they made me pay it in Sterling, only to return the amount to … Read More

benjamin archerDinamic currancy conversion scam


I Hired a car online at Goldcars own website, I was offered three fuel options and chose full to empty. When I picked the car up there were dents in both of the rear wings which were marked on the sheet I was given. I took photographs of them before I drove off, I returned the car four weeks later … Read More

Frank WattMr.

Rip off

They didn’t refund my fuel deposit. Having to go through the credit card company.

JohnRip off

GoldCar is a big SCAM – STAY AWAY

Few weeks after I went back home I received email stating that I got some 4 traffic fines (1 speeding ticket and 3 entering restricted zone): GoldShitCar said that their administrative fees are 160 euros! i.e 40€/fine!! they said they will be kind with me and reduce it to half ( 80€). after several months I still got a an … Read More

F*ckYouGoldCarGoldCar is a big SCAM – STAY AWAY


rented at Gibralta,La Linea, and although we booked insurance online on their site was told the insurance had nothing to do with them and would still have to pay the 1400(!) euro excess and would only be covered 3rd party,. Ended up having to pay their exorbitant insurance as well! although we gave our UK address all the forms we … Read More

Sally Ricardsally

Impossible Refund

Returned a car to San Javier airport after a 12 day rental. Two days later I was charged 200 pounds for damage which was already done and was clearly marked on the aggrement. Goldcar admitted to wrongly charging me but said unfortunately they can’t refund me as they no longer have my credit card details. Goldcar asked me to submit … Read More

ROBINImpossible Refund