Apreciados, Hemos estado en Tenerife con un GOLDCAR reservado 4 día por Internet a 96,27€, llegamos al aeropuerto y lo primero que te piden son 57,20€ de un seguro adicional que si no lo contratas tienes que dejar fianza de 800€, más el importe de un depósito por la gasolina de 97€ que te dicen que si lo devuelves lleno … Read More


fight back against GOLDCAR

Email to Goldcar – Why should I be reasonable and “constructive” when your service and pricing is a scam designed to catch out unsuspecting holidaymakers when they are in a foreign country and weary from travel. This catalogue of abuse by your company speaks for itself and needs no more explaination from me. I shall be doing my upmost … Read More

neil morrisfight back against GOLDCAR

goldcar : aux voleurs

J’ai moi aussi été victime des ces voleurs. Je suis passé par un site appelé aui m’a mis en contact avec GOLDCAR. Déjà à l’arrivée : 2H de queue pour réceptionner la voiture. Sauf si on paie 50€ pour un guichet express (on attend que 1 heure !!!!) Arrivé au comptoir on m’annonce : il faut payer 70 € … Read More

jerome MARTINgoldcar : aux voleurs

Never Again. This is just Robbery!

I was just robbed by Goldcar Malpenza (Milan) for a total amount of 636 euros. Except the well documented fact that they charge a huge amount for a full tank, I recently had a very bad experience with this company. I returned the car without any additional damages. I asked the guy in the garage what to do, and he … Read More

LouisNever Again. This is just Robbery!

Gold Car is a worst company ever!!!

Gold car is the worst car rental company ever! They try to cheat you!First they gave you crazy low offer on internet and then comedy starts!!!. This is a Spanish company who are now ripping people off in Italy. They hit your C/Card with a 1200 euro deposit which they take 10 days to refund.-Obligation!. They do not give you … Read More

Kerem YılmazGold Car is a worst company ever!!!

How to manage dispute with Goldcar

Hello friends, This message is to explain the way to proceed if, as I have, you have been scammed by the car renting company GOLCAR. 1. NEVER EVER rent a car to this company (I know, it is probably too late for you, as it was for me. But internet forums are full of bad stories about this company. Spread … Read More

LouisHow to manage dispute with Goldcar

Get killed in a Goldcar and pay top whack for the privilege

We were supplied with a Renault Megan. After driving about 40 miles the warning light on the dashboard started flashing ‘BRAKE SYSTEM FAILURE – STOP!”. The SOS phone number didn’t work so we phoned reservations who told us to carry on driving the car because all Renault Megans have the same problem. OK, he was right this time but one … Read More

Andrew GuttmannGet killed in a Goldcar and pay top whack for the privilege

Stole my mobile phone

I used my phone to satnav to the Goldcar returns area in Lisbon Airport. I was greeted by one of their members of staff who got me to sign the paperwork and began to clean the car out. I set off for the checkin and realised I had not removed my phone from the car. It was too late to … Read More

adrian somefieldStole my mobile phone

Avoid Goldcar Rental !!

After years of using rental cars all over the world (USA, South Africa, Mexico, Thailand, Canaries etc.) we just had our first bad experience with a car rental company. Gold Car !! So please, take my advice and don’t give them any business, they really don’t deserve your hard earned money !! We rented a car from them last week … Read More

DelectatioAvoid Goldcar Rental !!

Appalling Goldcar

Same experience as many have posted on here: long queues, rude / aggressive / lying staff, no staff willing to note down existing damage on car giving glib response that ‘it’s fine and covered on the insurance’, and now, they have deducted 197 Euros from credit card without any explanation. This is robbery! I would rather be mugged in the … Read More

John FordhamAppalling Goldcar