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Unfortunately I forgot to rent a car on a trip to Lanzarote in January until the day I was flying. Went on eBookers to have a look at the options and went with Goldcar as they looked the cheapest on paper @ £118.57 for 6 days and had a full to full fuel policy. After landing we headed to the Goldcar desk to collect our car. We were told we were upgraded from a micro car to a Polo at no extra cost which was great but were then pushed into buying an insurance policy for an additional £100 which would have doubled the cost of the car. I declined and was told that I would have to leave a deposit which worked out to £1212.20. They said a block of that amount would be put on my card, no actual money would be taken, but said it could it take weeks for it to be lifted and that I would still be liable for an unlimited amount of damages (they were clearly trying to scare me into taking the insurance). I insisted I did not want the insurance and eventually completed the transaction, the member of staff was extremely rude once I refused the upselling of insurance. We were given the keys and a map to find the car, no one gave us a handover or highlighted any damages to the car (of which there many) so I took copious photos in case any thing should arise when we handed the car back. Car was not clean but otherwise in OK order. We drove to our hotel on the other side of the island and only used it a few times before driving back to the airport on the day of departure. We left it in the only Goldcar space we could find (there weren’t any staff in the car park) and went back to the check in desk. I wanted someone to check the vehicle back in there and then but they said they couldn’t, I said what if someone else damages it in the car park, they said don’t worry and stamped it with a Goldcar badge which I presume meant nothing as no one signed anything. We had a flight to catch so couldn’t argue any further and left. A few days later they emailed to say they would be returning the deposit in full but I actually received £1149.51 which was £62.69 less than I left. Luckily my colleague speaks Spanish so we emailed them and asked for the rest of the money, they said it was lost in the currency conversion. I said it was supposed to be a block on the card no actual money should have been taken, they said if you would like to complain you will need to collect a form from the Goldcar office where the transaction was made, in Lanzarote and have someone sign it there. Needless to say absolute joke all round and genuine thieves.

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