Get claim on damages from prior rental

We just had an experience with Goldcar this week and which has not been settled yet but we can’t recommend Goldcar to anyone.
We returned a car in same condition as when received but just before take-off we received a mail with claims for damages.
When writing back I got no respons and today I had to call them just to be send around and finally getting a new email adders and now I had to prove that we did not have an accident. So basicly we are guilty until they find it in their place to recall the claim.
I am glad that I forced their employee to sign on return and kept the document. But since the claim has not been recalled we will have to see where this goes. But for sure we will never recommend Goldcar to anyone or chose them again.
Bad end to a good vacation on Tenerife.

JesperGet claim on damages from prior rental