I Hired a car online at Goldcars own website, I was offered three fuel options and chose full to empty. When I picked the car up there were dents in both of the rear wings which were marked on the sheet I was given. I took photographs of them before I drove off, I returned the car four weeks later in the same condition. A couple of days later I saw on my credit card statement that they had taken £170 from my card. I went back to the office to ask why they had done this and was told it was for damage to the driver’s side rear wing! I showed her the photo I had taken of the damaged wing but she claimed there was a further mark on the same wing, which was untrue! She told me that is the risk one takes by not taking out their excess insurance! I had took the car back with a quarter tank of fuel, expecting to be refunded for what I hadn’t used but was told that their fuel policy had changed and that I was being charged for the fuel I had used. So I was being charged TWICE for the fuel! All this even though I was a Goldclub member and had used them many times, so much for loyalty! I emailed customer services with my complaints but needless to say they just ignore my emails. My advice to anyone thinking of using these rip off merchants is DON’T!

Frank WattMr.