Never Again. This is just Robbery!

I was just robbed by Goldcar Malpenza (Milan) for a total amount of 636 euros.

Except the well documented fact that they charge a huge amount for a full tank, I recently had a very bad experience with this company.

I returned the car without any additional damages. I asked the guy in the garage what to do, and he told me to go to the office inside the airport. At that place, the Goldcar guy made a copy of my document and told me everything was ok. I thought that it was it, and that this was just the way of proceeding.
Few days later, I noticed that they charged me 636 euros on my credit card. They do not let me know anyhow. Just took the money.
When I called to know what happened, they just told me it was for damages I made. This is absolutely not true. I just refused to take their insurance, not more. After telling them the true story, I asked what were this imaginary “damages” I made. The guy was unable to answer me, and hanged the phone back up.

I do not know what to do to get my money back. This is absolutely unacceptable. This company is just horrible.

I sent an email to have explanations. I will also contact a lawyer.
Should I go to the police?

Any other similar story?

LouisNever Again. This is just Robbery!