Returned money

Hi on receiving the car they took £1110 out of my bank account for fuel,and the non insurance fee of 1100e @ A exchange rate of over 1.19e ,and a bank fee of best part of 30e .On return of car ,there was a 1/4 tank of fuel ,which they were in refund with the insurance fee,I have a video of this and of the car to show no dents etc. They have them refunded £930 @ 1.19e rate and another band fee of 26e .So £180 for 3/4 of fuel for a small car and say £40 bank fees ,have ailed them 4 times with no reply and I have only asked for a breakdown of costs. But £40 on c/c yes I can see that ,but not for cash straight out of band account and £140 for fuel is never right .But no response is not fair and I have been using them 3 times a year since 2014 no good

Tony BrownReturned money