wrong information, extra charge

Dear Sir or Madam
I am writing to complaint about the service provided at Alicante Airport.
I had rented online a car online with the cost of £19.90.the number of my contract is11050524 and the customer code 9775260. At the pick up desk, one of your employers, Soledad, informed me that because I was paying with debit card she would have to take a deposit and the petrol in advance, but I would be receiving the amount after dropping off the car. I was charged the amount of £171,97 (190,95€), which took me by surprise. I had already cover with rentalcars, so, in order to clarify it, I asked her literally, pointing at my booking confirmation document: But I would be only paying 19.90 as it is indicated, is that true? She said Yes. So I was perfectly confident and happy with the service and the competence.
The car was in very good conditions, and it was great, given the circumstances that I had to book it with very short notice to attend my grandmother´s funeral.
I was told that your service is magnificent, quick and you have great standards, but I have to say, I am utterly disappointed and being regular user of car rentals on holidays I am afraid that I will never use again Gold Car and under no circumstances, recommend your service to anyone.
I was thoroughly appalled when the lady in the drop off service explained to me that I would not receive back the amount of 61,94€. She informed that if I didn´t want that cover they would have taken 1200€ deposit. Your employer Soledad did not mention the option whatsoever. Knowing that, I would have made the decision myself of what to accept, but unfortunately that wasn´t the case. I currently feel I was forced, fooled and completely deceived.
For that reason I would like to receive the total amount of 61.94€ back in my bank account.
Thanks very much in advance for your attention and looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours, sincerely

Isabel Parrilla

Isabel Parrillawrong information, extra charge